Wandering over the Montjuïc

There are moments that make me realise even more Barcelona must be the most beautiful city in the world.
I just came back from a small holiday in Berlin. And the bus took me from the airport to Plaça Espanya. I found myself gazing at the fountain on the middle of the square, thinking: this is the reason why the word magnificent exists. There’s no place like Barcelona.

Hidden gems

Earlier I wrote about the hidden gems here. Then I only named a few, especially on the Montjuïc, but there are more. Many more. And in search for them to write about, I went back to the Montjuïc.

Going up the Montjuïc

To me, the best way to get up there, is starting on Plaça Espanya and subsequently take the escalators. From the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in the Palau Nacional, the view over the city is gorgeous. And you can even go up some more. If you do that, walk around the museum, cross the road and go to Anella Olímpica (the Olympic park).


Not many people bother to go that far. Especially not in autumn/winter, which is astonishing. Seeing Anella Olímpica is seeing a modern paralel of the Plaça les Cascades and the Palau Nacional. The peaceful quietness completes it and it’ll take your breath away.

I took my time, wandering around, enjoying the modern architecture and savouring the knowledge that I am, truly, living in the most beautiful city in the world.

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