Talking about visuals

In my work, I usually concentrate on writing and consulting on (strategic) visual communication. But once every so often I teach, give a lecture or presentation.
Whereas some people hate the thought of speaking in front of a group, I love it.

Visual communication

Since I’m an expert on strategic visual communication, I’m often asked to talk about that subject. And I’m happy about that. Because it means people more and more realise that visual communication is important. Moreover, it’s not just something for communication professionals only. After all, the cliché – a picture is worth a 1000 words – is true. If you really want to get people’s attention, a well written text without visuals just doesn’t cut it.

Actually, it’s more than that. If you take the time to think about your visuals, you also think about the type of visuals (animation? photograph? video?). You start thinking about the consistency of your communication.

How to do that? Well, that’s one of the things I tell during my lectures on visual communication.

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